Get transparency for all – manage transport bookings easily

The Voyagerr system contains customised web portals for different groups that are granted access to work with the system. It can be authorities, hospitals, schools, or social welfare offices. Definition of workflows and rights is possible separately for each of these groups.

The Voyagerr portal for schools and universities empowers school administrations to view and manage student transportation – trip bookings and cancellations – on behalf of schoolchildren and students.

Seamless communication and transparency

The portal offers all relevant information, notifications, and updates in real-time to keep school administration informed, e.g., of arrival and departure information for all trips.

Simple and intuitive user interface

A simple and intuitive user interface provides school administrative personnel with the opportunity and tools to handle bookings on behalf of the passenger, thereby reducing the need to contact the call centre.

Information on specific requirements

The portal allows administration personnel stay on top of specific requirements. Passenger details including preferences, limitations, and funding information are readily available at the time of the booking. The system ensures that the appropriate services are provided and the defined parameters are met.

Call centre – public transport operator/authorityDRT portal user - school administrative personnel

Data is stored and managed in one place

The Voyagerr Demand Response System makes it easy to manage customer/passenger profiles and comply with GDPR requirements.
Passenger related data is stored in one database – this saves time and ensures that data is managed at ‘the core’ and special needs and preferences are registered and can be considered. Data is protected by efficient authorization management.

The user portal for school administration personnel has a seamless fit with the Voyagerr DRT core system.

Streamline your administration …

  • Simple and intuitive user interface

  • Reduce the workload on the call centre and provide portal users with the opportunity to book and make changes 24/7.

  • Provides school administrative personnel with the opportunity and tools to handle bookings on behalf of the passenger.

  • Information on special requirements, e.g., the need to accommodate the wish to be served by a specific driver.

  • Information in real time.

Manage complexity, control operations, deliver efficiency

Voyagerr allows to digitise every step in the value chain. This means that you can streamline administration and optimise resources.

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