Manage your business efficiently.

Get transparency. Control the operation.

Empower your public transport operation with the tools to navigate complexity and truly own the operation.
With a digitised solution across the value chain – and the possibility to integrate with a range of other systems – you can minimise your costs, manage your business efficiently, and deliver on performance.
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The system is the ‘engine’ on which our core business is based. It provides us with the overview and the transparency we need – and tools to build our future place of work.”

Stephen Jespersen, CEO,
VBT A/S, Denmark

more than 90% of the reservation requests that are made are automatically planned. This ensures us optimal vehicle services.”

Julien GRANJEAN, Directeur, TPMR Toulouse / Mobibus, France

Minimise booking costs and no-shows

With Voyagerr, you can elevate the passenger experience while efficiently minimising booking costs.

Rely on the powerful core system and empower passengers – and administrative personnel such as health care centres or schools – with customised portals and apps that make it possible for them to easily book and manage journeys, and stay informed with real-time updates.

By accommodating specific needs such as wheelchair accessibility, Voyagerr enables you to centre your service around the passenger.

A fully connected end-to-end platform

90%+ of Voyagerr passengers’ bookings can be handled digitally, i.e. booked, dispatched, and delivered without call centre or dispatch room intervention.

Truly efficient scheduling

Voyagerr has delivered more than 300 million trips in Europe alone over the past 10 years. Our automated scheduling system takes into account 25 factors, so it can align with your organisation’s objectives while delivering the most optimised scheduling outcomes.

25 scheduling weighting factors

Furthermore, the system can be set up to consider a wide range of priorities/constraints depending on your business needs.

Manage and optimise your fleet

Monitor and track vehicles with Voyagerr’s interactive map, maintaining control and making informed decisions based on real-time updates.

Stay informed and take immediate action with real-time notifications. Proactively address issues before they become problems by setting alerts, so you can stay ahead of operational challenges.

Enhance communication with your drivers

The Voyagerr driver app provides real-time updates, efficient routing, and seamless communications to streamline the driving experience.

Drivers can easily register attendance, obtain information, view shift plans, and much more.

The app is compatible with iOS and Android.

Integrate demand-responsive transport with existing fixed line routes

Voyagerr enables bus operators to seamlessly integrate demand-responsive transport (DRT) with existing fixed line routes, making public transport more accessible and encouraging modal shift away from private cars.

With Voyagerr, you can establish a comprehensive and interconnected transport network, optimising operations and contributing to a greener future.

Get feedback from passengers

The passenger app allows passengers to provide feedback on individual rides so that you get timely and structured information for complaints handling, driver and/or subcontractor management.

Use the data for reporting and development of future passenger services and experiences.

Control the operation with data in real-time

Enhance your operations with comprehensive reporting and analytics features. Create customised dashboards, visualise data in your preferred format, and automate distribution for streamlined operations.

Access valuable insights and make informed decisions based on real-time data, optimising your services for improved efficiency and enhanced passenger experiences.

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