Seamless application for school transportation

The Voyagerr system contains customised web portals for different groups that are granted access to work with the system.

These groups include parents, students, guardians, and caretakers.

Streamline the process of applying for school transport services with Voyagerr’s user-friendly web portal.

The portal offers parents, guardians, and students a convenient, simple, and secure means to submit school transportation requests.

Fully digitised application process and real-time updates

Voyagerr’s online portal transforms tiresome paper-based processes. Submit applications, track every step and get instant updates – all in one place.

Communication with parents, guardians, and students becomes simple and effective, as the portal updates in real-time with the progress and result of the school transportation application process. This reduces the number of incoming calls requesting updates on the status of applications.

Seamless document submission

Parents can upload necessary documentation, such as proof of address or student identification, directly onto the portal to support their transportation request.

Online payments

Thanks to the integration with various payment systems, parents can conveniently pay the transportation fees online.

Instant notifications

Automated notifications ensure that users receive updates about transportation assignments, route changes, delays, and other information.

Feedback from users

Voyagerr allows parents to share feedback on transportation services, enabling administrators to continually enhance the quality of the transportation offerings.

The user portal for parents, students, guardians, and caretakers has a seamless fit with the Voyagerr DRT core system. It can be customised to fit the needs of your organisation or company.

Manage complexity, control operations, deliver efficiency

Voyagerr allows to digitise every step in the value chain. This means that you can streamline administration and optimise resources.

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