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Public transport integration

Increase efficiency by combining traditional public transport with demand response transport

Optimise resources, save costs, offer passengers more personalized services.


Truly integrated public transport

Integrate DRT and traditional public transport to leverage the entire transport network, providing passengers with a seamless multimodal travel experience, and encouraging modal shift away from private cars.

With the web-based extension to the Voyagerr core system – designed to combine traditional public transport with DRT – you can create and configure lines, routes, and areas – and define efficient scheduling solutions based on received bookings.

> Overview of the Core System

Customizable passenger app

The solution can be combined with the app/web-based portal for passengers. It also allows for online payment and ticketing integration.

Deliver real-time transport information through our customizable white label passenger app.

Empower passengers with 24/7 trip booking and editing, and instant access to real-time information relating to their trips. All portals can be delivered as ‘white label’ applications, tailored for your specific branding and working processes.

> Passenger App

Examples of models for combining fixed routes with on demand transportation – there are many more possibilities:

1: First Mile and/or Last Mile combination​

Combined services to and from lines in ​areas with limited or no public transport ​

2: Polygon to polygon and/or polygon to ​stop​

Demand-responsive polygon pick-up with transport to public transport/line (pick-up directly at address)

Demand responsive pickup from public transport/line​ to polygon dropoff (dropoff directly at address)​

Public transport is changing. The patterns are changing, rider groups are changing, rider needs are changing. This means that remote areas or areas with few riders now can be serviced with on demand transportation.”

Christian Erikstrup, Demand Response Specialist, Voyagerr

The public transport integration module is a web-based extension to the Voyagerr core system.

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