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Reporting & Optimisation


Reporting and optimisation

Take ownership of the operation and grow your business

Unlock actionable insights through data reporting – use a standard or tailor-made approach.

Standard or tailor-made reporting

Tap into our standard report repository or create your own reports or dashboards, using your system data to gain insight into your operation.

Or integrate with an existing Business Intelligence tool for advanced reporting and analytics capabilities.

Effortless report distribution

The system can be set up to generate standard reports in a chosen format, e.g., Excel or PDF, and to automatically distribute these to email recipients.

Examples of KPIs and measurements …

  • Ridership – demand for services and usage patterns.

  • Vehicle utilisation.

  • Average trip duration.

  • Service reliability KPIs – for example number of on-time pick-ups.

  • Passenger satisfaction and feedback.

  • Passenger distributions and average cost per passenger.

  • Average revenue generated per passenger.

Voyagerr core system

Standard reports are part of the Voyagerr core system.

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