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Integrated Payroll and invoicing

Payroll calculation and invoicing with accuracy and ease

Voyagerr can be integrated into a number of other systems and be set up to seamlessly handle payroll calculation and invoicing from subcontractors.

Voyagerr has successfully implemented the integration of payroll systems and invoicing in organisations in the Nordics.

Automatic payroll calculation

Simplify the complex task of payroll calculation. Integrate with your ERP system and empower drivers with a real-time app to register work hours.

Voyagerr’s integrated and automatic solution can be set up to consider variations in salary costs, and to adhere to union rules, terms, and conditions.

Strengthen your business

Voyagerr offers smarter planning by considering variations in salary costs and managing unscheduled and scheduled absences. Automatically ensure compliance with driving hours legislation and reduce overpayment.

Take ownership of your operation with the ability to introduce and review operational Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Generate data for tender calculations and make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

Voyagerr core system

The Voyagerr core system can integrate with a wide range of other systems, including a number of ERP systems.

Interested in payroll and invoicing integration?

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