We are passionate about mobility for all
– making every journey matter.

Voyagerr provides technology solutions that help authorities, operators, and communities deliver sustainable mobility for all.

Watch the video for an introduction to the Voyagerr ‘DNA’.

The Voyagerr story – 30+ years of heritage

Voyagerr was created in 2023 as a rebranding of the former Scandinavian and North European Trapeze Demand Response Transport business, together with PLANit Sweden AB, and Malmator AB, to focus exclusively on meeting the need of European public transport authorities and operators for new mobility technology solutions.

With Voyagerr focusing exclusively on on-demand response technology solutions, its existing and future customers will rely on the benefits from our 30+ years of heritage as Trapeze, PLANit, and Malmator. Moreover, they can expect an even greater focus on the development of technology solutions supporting new mobility for all, as the brand will grow with the needs of public transport operators, passengers, public transport authorities, and their communities.

Being part of the Modaxo portfolio, Voyagerr is able to leverage best practices and resources from a wide network of peer businesses.

What we believe in

  • Mobility for all – reliable, safe, and connected journeys.
  • Developing reliable, safe, and secure technology to help transport operators efficiently sustain and develop their business and offer best-in-class services to their passengers.
  • Empowering transport authorities in cities and regions to efficiently shape and manage mobility services of today and tomorrow – and continuously elevate the passenger experience.
  • On-demand transport plays an increasingly important role in reducing carbon emissions and improving traffic in cities.

We are part of Modaxo

Modaxo invests in developing and growing people transportation businesses – and never sells them. This means that when you work with a Modaxo business you can be certain of a long-term relationship.

Modaxo’s businesses’ successes are founded on the delivery of innovative technology solutions underpinned by passionate experts that truly know their region and market.

The Voyagerr name …

Voyagerr focuses exclusively on meeting the need for new mobility technology solutions of European public transport authorities and operators. The name is associated with passengers, travelling, and journeying on a daily basis, but on a more general level, it also evokes innovation and the journey into the future, as our solution is built on sophisticated technology with new functionality and features being added continuously.

The extra ‘r‘ at the name’s end is silent. It can be associated with extensions, i.e. extended journeys, and extended solutions – and responsiveness to passenger needs and to the requirements of our customers.