Streamline your processes with customised user portals

DRT user portal for operators

Control your operation with a real-time overview of all scheduled driving assignments. View invoice breakdowns and communicate with the contract owner.

DRT user portal for case workers

Efficiently manage the process from the initial transport application to the final decision on grant or refusal. Handle different types of applications in parallel.

DRT user portal for school administrations

Empower school administration personnel to view and manage trip bookings and cancellations on behalf of schoolchildren and students.

DRT user portal for healthcare personnel

Empower healthcare personnel to manage transportation – trip bookings and cancellations – for eligible passengers.

DRT user portal for healthcare personnel

Empower parents, guardians, and students to apply for transportation.

Voyagerr offers a range of customised web portals for the various user groups that can access the system, including authorities, operators, hospital administration workers, school administration personnel, and case workers at social welfare offices as well as parents, students, guardians – and caretakers who need access to the system on behalf of those in their care.

All interfaces, workflows, and access rights are tailored to the specific user types to ensure that they can be used as simply and conveniently as possible.

50,000+ active self-service portal users from schools in Northern Europe.

Digitise and streamline your processes with Voyagerr user portals and apps.

Manage complexity, control operations, deliver efficiency

Voyagerr offers you the opportunity to optimize the demand transport value chain – and to truly control your operation.

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