Take ownership of the operation with an overview of all scheduled driving assignments in real-time

The Voyagerr system contains customised web portals for different groups that are granted access to work with the system. It can be authorities, hospitals, schools, or social welfare offices. Definition of workflows and rights is possible separately for each of these groups.

Voyagerr’s web portal for on-demand public transportation operation and management gives public transport operators an overview of scheduled driving assignments on their vehicles or runs and compensation for performed trips.

This provides increased transparency and simplifies the communication between drivers and the traffic management office.

Daily or monthly overview
The portal also provides information about performed driving assignments and the financial compensation on a daily and monthly basis.

Structured feedback
It is also possible to register client cases and feedback, and to provide answers to these.

The user portal for operators has a seamless fit with the Voyagerr DRT core system.

Empower your operation…

  • Overview of all scheduled driving assignments.

  • Less time spent on calls between drivers, traffic management, and traffic operator.

  • Available in multiple languages.

  • Branded according to your organisation’s colour scheme and logo.

  • Financial data automatically presented after each accounting period.

  • Possibility to register client cases and complaints, and to provide feedback on these.

Demand Response Transport. Every step. Every ride.

One IT platform for every step in planning, managing, operating, and integraing Demand Response Transportation services

– field proven, scalable, and easy to integrate

Manage complexity, control operations, deliver efficiency

Voyagerr allows to digitise every step in the value chain. This means that you can streamline administration and optimise resources.

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