DRT Core System

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Public Transport Integration


Payroll & Invoicing

Reporting & Optimization



Easily handle unforeseen changes with end-to-end control of your operation

Many operators experience the challenge of handling no-shows, cancellations, and delays. Therefore, they need to be able to change the schedule and notify drivers quickly – while still operating efficiently. Use the automated approach or select an intervention option.


Stay informed with instant notifications.

Get notified in real-time, right on your screen, so your team stays on top of the situation and can take immediate action.

Stay ahead with proactive alerts

Alerts detect and address issues before they become problems – so you can proactively address any operational challenges.

Stay in control – real-time vehicle mapping

Easily monitor and track vehicles with the real-time interactive map.

Changes to driving schedules

Schedule changes are communicated immediately to drivers and other team members, so everyone is fully informed at all times.

Voyagerr core system

The Dispatch Module is part of the Voyagerr core system.

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