DRT Core System

Booking and Planning

Public transport integration


Payroll and invoicing

Reports and optimisation


Manage complexity – and empower your operation

DRT core system

The Voyagerr solution uses an integrated database, which ensures that data is updated and exact in real-time for the system users.

Truly efficient scheduling, booking, and dispatch at the core…

The Voyagerr core system provides modules for booking and scheduling, integration with public transport, dispatch, payroll, and invoicing – as well as the possibility to generate reports.

In addition, Voyagerr has built 30+ integrations with external systems. This enables you to unlock greater optimisation and improve the quality of services to passengers.

  • Maximise self-service with custom-designed user portals – minimise calls to the call centre

    Rely on Voyagerr’s powerful core system to further digitise and streamline your processes through custom-designed user portals for operators, case workers, school and healthcare administration personnel. Add the passenger and driver apps for even more streamlined processes.

    > User portals – > Driver app – > Passenger app

  • Take advantage of smart auto-scheduling – 25 factors considered

    Voyagerr’s scheduling engine considers 25 factors. This means that you can minimise calls to the call centre through truly efficient booking and scheduling. The core system ensures that the most suitable form of transport is offered – meeting the individual customer’s trip requirements.

    > Booking and Scheduling

  • Overview of all scheduled driving assignments

    The system provides you with an overview of all scheduled driving assignments. Financial data is presented automatically after each accounting period.

    > Booking and Scheduling

  • Dispatch efficiently – intervene manually or use the automated approach

    The operator can choose to handle unforeseen changes automatically – or select an intervention from a list of options, which can be prioritised and/or list sorted based on your selected criteria. The system will automatically make real-time changes to driving schedules.

    > Dispatch

  • Manage and retrieve passenger data ‘at the core’

    The system makes it easy to manage passenger profiles and comply with GDPR requirements. Passenger data, such as approvals, preferences, and payment authorities, are managed ‘at the core’ and data is protected by efficient authorization management.

The Voyagerr core system can manage from 100 to 30,000 trips per day. We support fleets from 5 vehicles to more than 3,000.

DRT call centre

Control and optimise your operation

  • The most cost-effective operations possible

    Manage no-shows, cancellations, and delays efficiently. Seamlessly optimise routes, reduce unnecessary detours, and enhance vehicle utilisation to ensure the most cost-effective operations possible.

  • Configure to your business needs

    Whether you prioritise cost-effectiveness, minimising passenger travel time, or other transport objectives, the solution can be configured to meet the needs of your business.

  • 30+ system integrations – including integrated payroll calculation and invoicing

    Voyagerr has built 30+ integrations with external systems so that it can be set up, e.g., to seamlessly handle payroll calculation and invoicing from subcontractors.

    > Payroll calculation

  • Integrate with public transport services

    Increase efficiency by combining DRT and traditional public transport. With the web-based extension to the core system, you can create and configure lines, routes, and areas, and define efficient scheduling solutions based on received bookings.

    > Public transport integration

  • Seamless e-mobility

    Incorporate electric vehicle charging into your operations, and maximise time spent on the road.

    > E-mobility

  • Get built-in scalability

    With a truly scalable solution, your business is prepared for and can quickly adapt to any surge or decline in demand.

  • Get transparency based on data and reporting

    The system can be set up to generate standard reports in a chosen format. If necessary, feel free to ask for a completely tailor-made solution based exclusively on your needs for data, transparency, reporting.

    > Reporting

DRT passenger

Elevate the passenger experience

  • Fine-tune the passenger experience

    Give passengers the opportunity to provide feedback on trips when using the passenger app – and use the summarised information in the core system to improve your services.

  • Develop tomorrow’s DRT services

    Use the system’s reporting to get transparency and develop tomorrow’s DRT services.

Manage complexity, control operations, deliver efficiency

Discover Voyagerr: The all-in-one DRT solution with seamless public transport integration.

“ …we have implemented numerous automatic optimisation routines offered within Mobibus Toulouse. We adapt them as and when with complete autonomy. Thanks to this, and to the accuracy of the journey times offered by Trapeze, more than 90% of the reservation requests that are made are automatically planned. This ensures us optimal vehicle services.”

Julien GRANJEAN, Directeur, TPMR Toulouse / Mobibus, France