Optimise your operation. Get built-in scalability.

Deliver passenger-centric services.

In many communities, the amount of paratransit and medical-related trips is predicted to rise in the years to come due to demographic changes.

With a truly scalable solution, your business is prepared for and can quickly adapt to any surge in demands.

Rely on the power of reliable, safe, and secure technology

Voyagerr can manage from 100 to 30,000 trips per day. We support fleets from 5 vehicles to more than 3,000.

Transparency for all with an end-to-end solution

With the Voyagerr end-to-end solution, passengers, drivers, call centres, and healthcare administrative personnel stay on top of things and can perform a range of operational tasks or self-service tasks based on data in real time.

Changes are taken into account in seconds

In medical transportation, you often see boarding times vary or change. The Voyagerr system operates in real time and changes are reflected in seconds. It further accommodates passenger needs and reallocates freed-up capacity quickly and seamlessly.

Passenger app – accessible to all

The Voyagerr passenger app complies with accessibility guidelines set by both public and international standards (e.g. WGAC). It is designed to be accessible to all, so everyone can stay informed of their transport arrangements. It offers customisable features, including colour themes, light and dark modes, and text zoom options.

Stay updated with notifications and enjoy the convenience of carers and guardians being able to book, view, and modify transport on behalf of those in their care.

Efficient scheduling built around the passenger ‘profile’

Our scheduling engine is purpose-built for the complex needs of individuals with health conditions and disabilities. From managing capacity for mobility aids such as wheelchairs to optimising load times based on passenger requirements, we ensure a seamless and inclusive experience.

The system dynamically adjusts load times for different pick-up locations, taking into account factors such as accessibility.

Keep drivers informed – including special instructions

Improve driver productivity and deliver an outstanding passenger experience with the Voyagerr driver app.

Our user-friendly platform accepts special instructions to inform drivers of passengers’ specific needs so that they can accommodate them. By prioritising passenger-centricity, we enable your transport service to provide exceptional and personalised services at every stage of the journey.

Elevate your service standards and passenger satisfaction with our driver app’s comprehensive features and support.

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