Deliver on efficiency. Elevate the passenger experience.
Develop tomorrow’s transport services.

Efficiently plan, manage, elevate, and integrate Demand Response Transportation (DRT) services for passengers eligible for public transportation and for the wider public.
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cities in Europe
of trip reservations digitised
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Voyagerr specialises in solutions for schools and universities, on-demand, paratransit and medical transport.
Drive modal shift by integrating DRT within the wider public transport network, making transport hubs more accessible and multi-leg journeys easier to navigate. Deliver real-time transport information through our app and integrate with your journey planner for a complete experience.

Digitise and streamline trip booking and management

Empower passengers – and administrative personnel such as health care centres or schools – with customised portals and apps through which different user types can manage their own transport.

90%+ of Voyagerr passengers’ bookings can be handled digitally, i.e. booked, dispatched, and delivered without call centre or dispatch room intervention.

Optimise scheduling efficiency

Voyagerr’s scheduling engine is built on a decade of refining and fine-tuning. It can be configured to your organisation’s unique goals, whether you prioritise cost-effectiveness, minimising passenger travel time, or any other transport objective.

Seamlessly optimise routes, reduce unnecessary detours, and enhance vehicle utilisation to ensure the most cost-effective operations possible.

Accessible and sustainable transport

Promote accessibility and inclusion through a DRT service that caters to diverse passenger needs. Voyagerr solutions are specifically designed to meet complex passenger requirements, including the elderly, people with disabilities or passengers with special needs. Enhance accessibility by integrating DRT with the wider transport network.

By supporting a simple transition to electric vehicles, our platform empowers communities and businesses to promote eco-friendly modes of public transportation.

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