School transportation made simple, safe, and efficient

Voyagerr offers you an end-to-end solution powered by reliable, safe, and secure technology.

A trusted partner in Demand Response school transportation…

We help authorities transport more than 160,000 schoolchildren and students every year in Northern Europe.

Minimise booking costs and no-shows

Empower passengers and their parents and guardians to manage their own transport – and enable schools personnel to manage bookings on behalf of passengers – in real time, reducing calls to call centres and minimising no-shows.

> Web portal for school administrations

Eliminate manual paperwork and administrative workload with a completely streamlined, hassle-free application process that provides applicants with fast decisions and enables you to schedule transport services promptly.

> Web portal for parents and students

Simplify management for families with multiple students attending the same school by seamlessly aligning guardian accounts for all children.

Transparency – information in real-time

With Voyagerr’s uniquely sophisticated automated scheduling engine (25 factors considered), you can provide school transport that meets the specific needs of every pupil or student, including those with complex requirements.

Simply click a button to secure recurring bookings throughout the year, intelligently accounting for school holidays and breaks. No more manual scheduling headaches; embrace an efficient process that ensures timely and reliable transportation for everyone.

Clear information and communication based on real-time data ensures that everyone is informed of schedules, routes, and pick-up/drop-off times.

We have placed great emphasis on making it easy for students or parents to use the [application] portal, so that the forms are filled in correctly and errors in our data are minimised.

In the Student Portal, the applicant is guided step by step through the application process and the system’s built-in RPA logic processes the individual applications automatically and assigns the correct transport offer to the applicant.

According to the feedback we have received from users, it is easy to use the application portal.”

Per Solbakken
Digital Services Advisor, Innlandstrafikk, Norway

Meet individual needs – handle data securely

Record detailed data about passengers, ensuring that also students with complex needs receive the tailored support they require.

With Voyagerr, you can confidently manage and safeguard passenger information. The system is secure and GDPR compliant, prioritising the privacy and protection of sensitive data.

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Some children with special needs, for example, may need an everyday life with a very high degree of predictability. This includes knowing the driver of their school transport. The core system’s planning module can take this and other special requirements into account…

Christian Erikstrup
Voyagerr Demand Response Specialist, Denmark