Streamlined application processes

The Voyagerr system contains customised web portals for different groups that are granted access to work with the system. It can be authorities, hospitals, schools, or social welfare offices. Definition of workflows and rights is possible separately for each of these groups.

With the Voyagerr portal for case workers (authority officials), you can manage the process from the initial application to the final decision on grant or refusal.

The portal offers extensive functionality for optimising and documenting applications for on demand public transport services.

Digitised value chains with ‘parallel’ applications

Application and case processing are structured so that it is easy to handle different types of applications in parallel – the same customer/passenger can have several ‘cases’ in the system – for example, an application for disabled transport, patient transport, or school transport. Different case managers can access the cases.

Data is stored and managed in one place

The Voyagerr DRT System makes it easy to manage customer/passenger profiles and comply with GDPR requirements.
Customer data is stored in one database – this saves time and ensures that data is managed at ‘the core’ and special needs and preferences are registered so that they can be considered.

The user portal for case workers has a seamless fit with the Voyagerr DRT core system.

Streamline your processes …

  • Quickly create, update, and remove applications.

  • With one click of the mouse, convert an application document into a customer document.

  • Keep track of the number of applications and responses – and define and keep track of the passenger’s/customer’s visitation status and driving needs.

  • Assign one or more payment authorities to the passenger/customer.

  • Add and geocode locations for one or multiple passengers/customers at a time.

  • Search and compare passenger/customer addresses in a defined area and display the number of searched trips, cancellations, and no-show events.

Demand Response Transport. Every Step. Every Ride.

One IT platform for every step in scheduling, managing, operating, and integrating Demand Response Transportation services – field proven, scalable, and easy to integrate

Manage complexity, control operations, deliver efficiency

Voyagerr allows to digitise every step in the value chain. This means that you can streamline administration and optimise resources.

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