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Make the move into e-mobility

The benefits of converting your fleet to electric vehicles are numerous. With Voyagerr, you can account for vehicle charging in your schedules.

Integration of a charging plan

Include vehicle charging in your schedules and maximise time spent on the road.

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Empowering sustainable mobility

By supporting a simple transition to electric vehicles, Voyagerr empowers communities and businesses to promote eco-friendly modes of public transportation.

Air pollution is a significant issue in densely populated cities with high numbers of vehicles. European cities now have an opportunity to reconsider their public transport systems and explore demand response transport solutions as a means to achieve a cleaner and more environmentally friendly future with zero emissions.

How does Voyagerr contribute to the future of e-mobility?

For over three decades, Voyagerr has been helping public transport authorities and operators working with DRT manage the transition of vehicle fleets from fossil fuelled to electric. We have done this by providing technology solutions that help efficiently manage the requirements of electric vehicles in relation to DRT planning.

These solutions are supporting public transport authorities and operators in making hybrid and electric vehicles a logical and sustainable choice.

Christian Christansen, CEO, Voyagerr