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Truly efficient booking and scheduling

Simplify and streamline the booking experience –

minimise calls to the call centre

The booking and scheduling module is part of the Voyagerr core system.

The Voyagerr DRT system offers you outstanding booking and scheduling possibilities based on reliable, safe, and secure technology:

Use smart auto-scheduling: 25 factors considered

  • The core system ensures that the most suitable form of transport is offered – meeting the individual customer’s trip requirements, such as space for equipment and mobility aids.

  • Voyagerr’s scheduling engine, continuously adapted to developments in technology, considers 25 factors.

    It can be adapted to your organisation’s unique goals, whether you prioritise cost-effectiveness, minimising passenger travel time, or any other transport objective.

  • Seamlessly optimise routes, reduce unnecessary detours, and enhance vehicle utilisation to ensure the most cost-effective operations possible.

  • Voyagerr’s scheduling factors provide the flexibility to efficiently meet the unique demands of each and every passenger, including specific requirements such as space for equipment and mobility aids.

Maximise self-service with custom-designed user portals

  • Digitise and streamline your processes through custom-designed user portals for operators, case workers, school and healthcare administration personnel, parents, guardians, and caretakers.

  • Add the passenger app to further streamline your processes.

“… we have implemented numerous automatic optimisation routines offered within Mobibus Toulouse. We adapt them as and when with complete autonomy. Thanks to this, and to the accuracy of the journey times offered by Trapeze, more than 90% of the reservation requests that are made are automatically planned. This ensures us optimal vehicle services.”

Julien GRANJEAN, Directeur, TPMR Toulouse / Mobibus, France

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