Define and deliver the on-demand transport services that fit the needs of your business, organisation, and community.

Manage and elevate your Microtransit DRT service and stay ahead of the curve

Empower passengers to engage with your service through our customisable white-label passenger app. Define and optimise your service areas to unlock the full potential of available vehicles, delivering convenient and personalised door-to-door or (virtual) stop-to-stop transportation.

Experience the next level of operational efficiency with the most advanced automated scheduling, reducing manpower requirements and lowering the cost per trip.

Gain valuable insights from robust reporting capabilities, enabling you to continuously analyse and refine your service for maximum impact.

Voyagerr can manage from 100 to 30,000 trips per day. We support fleets from 5 vehicles to more than 3,000.

The market has shifted in the past 20 years. We knew we needed to be more responsive in our operations in order to save money and maintain profit margins.”

Johanna Gerdin Bueno
Project Manager, Flygbussarna, Sweden.

Empower your operation…

  • Optimised service areas for efficient vehicle utilisation. Eliminate a large number of empty seats by assigning vehicles of suitable capacity.

  • Automated scheduling minimises manpower requirements and cost per trip.

  • Seamless passenger engagement thanks to a customisable white-label app.

  • Valuable insights through robust reporting capabilities for continuous service improvement.

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