How can cities and districts offer inclusive, flexible, and sustainable public transport to citizens in both city – and district areas?

The innovative moobil+ mobility system in the Oldenburger Münsterland with the district of Vechta in the Northwest of Lower Saxony is a great example of how this can be done.

In the Oldenburger Münsterland district of Vechta, citizens can book the on-demand bus or on-demand taxi service to get where they need to go.

Including those living in remote countryside areas.

The services are called moobil+Bus and moobil+Taxi and improve mobility by connecting 10 municipalities of the Vechta district and the neighboring Cloppenburg district.

The moobil+ services started out as an award winning pilot project back in 2015 introducing the moobil+Bus service in the district of Vechta. In 2020 the adjacent Landkreis Cloppenburg also joined the system.


Read more about these services on our German website – note:  in German language:

Jederzeit mobil auch ohne eigenes Auto – Voyagerr Demand Response


The moobil+Taxi service was added last year in a smaller area …and since June 3, 2024, extended to cover the whole area of the district of Vechta.

The moobil+Taxi complements the moobil+Bus service during off-peak hours and in rural areas, especially on weekends and late at night.

The heart of the moobil+Taxi service is the cooperation and integration of local taxi companies into the well-established moobil+ service.

This allows for coverage between the known public transport stops, supplemented by other important stop points, without cannibalizing existing bus connections.

A special feature is the home address service for mobility-impaired individuals. Additionally, passengers whose residences are far from the nearest bus stop can request door-to-door service.

Passengers can inquire about and book rides via the moobil+ app, moobil+ website, phone, or in person at the mobility centre at Vechta train station.

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